Compact automatic ESR Spectrometer ESR 70-03 XD/2

UP «KBST» BGU enterprise produces ESR70-03 XD/2 electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer. This device imbodies many years’ experience ofBelarusStateUniversity in the field of EST spectrometers design.

Spectrometer is fully automated. Its technical parameters are comparable to parameters of big EST spectrometers. Embedded microprocessor performs microwave section matching automatically, ensuring high precision of microwave section tuning and  fast specter readout.

The spectrometer is meant for physicochemical research in the fields of science and technology. It can be used for handling of applied problems in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, medicine, petroleum chemistry, light and food industry, as well as for training workshops.



  • For ESR researches and handling application problems in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, petrochemistry, light industry.
  • For training workshop conducting.
  • For carrying out express analysis of substances industrially, in laboratories, clinics.

Design features

The spectrometer is generally designed as monoblock unit. Such design makes it possible to place the device on any lab table and move it easily in case of necessity.

The resonator is made of M1 pure copper. Main coating is 999 silver, antioxidizing protective coating – 999 gold. Diameter of sample opening is11,2 mm, therefore test tubes up to8 mmdiameter can be used. Front opening in the resonator is meant for sample lighting (ray treatment).

Electromagnet is made of high quality electric steel. Magnetic enhancers (pole tips) are of 70mm diameter. High uniformity of magnet structure allows for the use of air cooling (magnetic field induction < 5000 Gs) and water cooling (magnetic field induction > 5000 Gs)

Microwave section is homodyne, with the use of balanced demodulator, p-i-n attenuator, Gunn diode microvave oscillator and automatic frequency control system.

Software functions

Software has simple user-friendly interface and allows for performing of all standard specter obtaining and processing functions. It is possible to display series of specters in one window to monitor reaction kinetics.

  • Complete automatic control of the spectrometer and peripherals.
  • Spectral line analysis.
  • Correction of resonator base line.
  • Spectrum fragmentation.
  • Spectrum integration and differentiation.
  • ESR-analyzer specialized marks mode.
  • Work with external programs of spectra imposture.

ESR Analysis application domains

Food industry – investigation of food products oxidation processes and storage life. Monitoring of free radicals forming in raw materials and finished products. Can be used in the processes of beer, vine, juices, coffee, tea and preserved foods production.

Pharmaceutical industry – raw materials and drugs quality control.

Chemical industry – free radicals’ concentration control during polymers and textiles manufacturing process.

Machine industry and shiprepairing – marine engine deterioration rate analysis by means of engine oil sample tests.

Oil exploration  – testing of geological samples and cores for hydrocarbons.

Geology – testing of rocks, minerals, crystals.

Textile industry – raw materials quality control.

Agriculture – breeding, seeds germination ability control.

Technical data  



Sensitivity, spin/10-4 T, not above


Resolution, at least


Resonance conditions stability (after 1 hour of operating), at least


Resonator type


Diameter of sample opening in the resonator

11,2 mm

Front opening in the resonator (for sample ray treatment)


Empty resonator Q-factor

Q ≥5000



Electromagnet: two-pole, magnetically soft NVR steel


Diameter of magnetic enhancers

69 mm

Pole gap

14 mm


Air / water


20 Ohm

Magnetic field induction range 

0 – 8000 Gs

Field uniformity

30 mGs

Modulation frequency

100 kHz

Maximum magnetic field modulation amplitude

13 Gs

X-Band Microwave Bridge


Microwave emitter

Gunn diode


9,1 - 9,5 GHz

AFC dynamic range

10 - 12 MHz

Microwave emitter power, min.

200 mW

Microwave attenuation, max.

40 dB

Signal detection with modulation phase shift

  90°  180°  270°

Attenuator resolution

1±0,5 dB

Automatic frequency control (AFC) stability


Microwave section automatic tuning and matching


Embedded specters backup and storage system


Physical parameters



RS232 / USB

Galvanic separation of interface signals and power


Dimensions, mm


Net weight

65 kg

Power consumption, max.

400 W

The complete set of ESR spectrometer ESR70-03 XD/2



ESR spectrometer


The software for ESR spectrometer (Version Pro V3.3 on CD)


Connect cable RS232 / USB for connection PC and spectrometer       


Power cable        


Use manual  (in English)


ESR Spectrometer additionally equipment and options

Embedded frequency counter (frequency range 4-15 GHz, measurement accuracy 1 kHz)

Sample thermostabilization equipment:

  • embedded air system (temperature range +18 / +80 °С);
  • external flow-through nitrogen system (temperature range 90–300 °К);
  • external flow-through helium system (temperature range 9–300 °К).

Test tubes for ESR analysis (natural of artificial quartz (suprasil), high-precision or normal), filling Dewar flasks, cuvettes, tube holders.

Warranty - 12 months.


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